Timeless Punjabi fashion pieces every woman needs

There are many styles of fashion across the regions of Punjab varying in ornamentation and embroidery work depending on origination. Fashion also varies between South and North India. These styles have also been adapted to modern times. Just to confuse you even more they all have different names and aren't necessarily referred to by that name. Which makes it a nightmare when deciding what to wear as a foreigner living abroad.

Therefore here is your ultimate guide to understanding the more common styles of fashion worn throughout Punjab. The information provided, is to the best of my knowledge accurate, so please let me know if I have made an error. I have tried to summarise Punjabi fashion as broadly as possible so that it is easy to understand. Photos are all courtesy of Utsav Fashion your one stop shop for Indian fashion. You can purchase any of these styles via there web site or click the photos and be taken directly to the product shown.

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